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Release Blocks to Success and Abundance

Discover what has been holding you back from a life of wealth and success! 

Our Abundance Breakthrough Session, via phone, email or Zoom, is designed to identify and release your limiting beliefs and emotions that are blocking wealth and success.  

We pull your old ideas and beliefs out by the roots and pave your path to having a more easy, successful life that you have always wanted!

Even if you have had some success in life, but can't quite achieve what you want, our Abundance Breakthrough Session will take you to the next level!

Using a variety of techniques like Theta DNA Healing, Emotion Codes, NowHealing, Energy Pyschology, Proxy Muscle Testing, sessions will work on finding, releasing and replacing limiting beliefs, programs, traumas and experiences

  1. in this life
  2. from parents and ancestors
  3. as well as past lives

that are dictating your reality in a way that doesn't work from you, allowing your natural state of abundance and success to burst through. 

Depending on how many blocks you have, you may need between 3-6 sessions. 

£85 per session

£240 for 3 sessions

£465 for 6 sessions