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addictive heart energy

Addictive Heart Energy (AHE) can be thought of as being almost like an intense negative attractor field in the heart, which is behind the intense pull of addictions, and can be the driving force BEHIND addictions.

What is the Addictive Heart Energy?

Before we were born into this world, we were pure spirit, surrounded by unconditional love and pure joy.   Then we came into this life which is a low vibration with negative emotions, hardships and traumas, abandonment, fear, abuse, disconnection, maybe  feeling 'different', unloved, unwanted and not good enough.  Before long, most people begin to develop trapped emotions that encircle the heart, protecting it from being totally broken.

Addictive Heart Energy is created when something is perceived as being pleasurable or joyful to us in some way, which helps us feel good about ourselves, our lives, or is a distraction from mental/emotional/physical/spiritual pain, and creates an energetic imbalance that craves these things.  This is usually unhealthy and in excess, causing damage to us in many ways.


In this session, we determine the intensity of the AHE, and how many emotions are trapped in this imbalanced energy.  One by one they are then cleared, and the intensity re-tested to make sure they have released, and you are clear of Addictive Heart Energy.  This may take 1-3 sessions, but we aim to do it in as few as possible.

We have found that it is not possible to have an Addictive Heart Energy without first having a Heart-Wall at some point.  The Heart-Wall may be removed, but this will not remove the Addictive Heart Energy, so it is advised to have a Heart-Wall Release first.

This session can be carried out as a one--to-one oline via Zoom, or just as effectively distantly via email or phone, wherever you are in the world.

£65 for 1 session

£120 for 2 sessions

(which can include Heart Wall Release)


FREE test to determine whether you have a Heart-Wall, how dense it is, and how many old emotions are trapped there, and whether you have Addictive Heart Energy, and if so, the intensity.  Just email a recent photo and your date of birth, and using proxy muscle testing we will find out what is going on, and email you back.