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healing for pets and animals

Animal healing is a non-invasive complementary therapy, suitable for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. It can also work very well alongside manual therapies (for example, physiotherapy) and in conjunction with on-going veterinary treatment. 

Sometimes animals become less interested in life because they are ill, or depressed, stressed and anxious or grieving and unhappy, or picking up on their owners' issues.  


Whether you know the cause of your pet's problem or not, Animal Healing can help greatly.  

We work distantly using Proxy Muscle Testing and the Emotion Codes to identify and release emotional trauma from animals that may be causing them behavioural, physical or emotional problems.  The initial trauma may be from mis-treatment or abuse at some point in their lives, or something that has scared or upset them. 

This is followed by Reiki Healing and often includes Theta DNA Healing.

Animals respond well to this non-invasive, loving energy and attention, and this brings many positive benefits.  Help your beloved pet release trauma and regain bounce and happiness.

animal healing session

For a Distant Animal Healing Session, please email a photo of your pet/animal with details of any problems.  

We will carry out the session and email you a Report of what we have worked on and cleared, with any further advice/information.

We don't charge a set fee for this service at the moment, we just ask that you make a suitable Donation.

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