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Quotes I have been seeing Tansie for approximately a year. I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after an illness that nearly killed me. I went to work and ran my home as if nothing was wrong but i had massive panic attacks and couldn't sleep. Tansie has made a massive difference to my life and I am now at peace with myself, my panic attacks are few and far between but I know how to work through them - all these things taught by Tansie. She is a wonderful kind gentle person who has given me my life back. I would highly recommend her. JP Bucks Quotes
Julie Plastow
Emotion Codes and Heart-Wall Clearing

Quotes Theta DNA Healing is a fantastic technique which helps you deal with negative issues. I have had this on a number of occasions for a range of different issues and have found it very effective. One particularly good example is the way it helped me deal with the stress leading up to my wedding day. I was getting really stressed out with all the arrangements and Tansie used this technique to make me feel calm, relaxed and in control. I wasn?t even stressed on the day itself, I was just able to relax and enjoy my special day. I would highly recommend this technique to anyone looking to deal with negative issues. Quotes
E Bray
Theta DNA Healing for Wedding Stress