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Archangel Chamuel Energised Crystal Bracelet - Love

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Archangel Chamuel - the Angel of Love

This custom-made energised crystal bracelet is attuned to you and your Soul, combiining the powerful energies of your Guardian Angel and Archangel Chamuel of the Pink Ray of Love.

Archangel Chamuel helps with:

  • Emotional healing and heart (heartbreak, sorrow, grief) healing
  • Relationships, building and strengthening
  • Seeking, calling in and finding your Soulmate
  • Romance
  • Harmonious, peaceful, compatible relationships
  • Release of anxiety
  • Calmness and peace, comfort and reassurance
  • World peace.

Wear your Archangel bracelet, or hold in your hands, or place it next to you as you sleep. Call in and invoke the blessings of your mighty Archangel, Guardian Angel and Soul.

Your bracelet comes in a beautiful presentation box, with an information slip and a powerful invocation you can use with it.

What is going on for you? What help do you need with this bracelet? How would you like your life to be?

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