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Energised Chakra Painting for Spiritual Development

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This beautifully hand-crafted custom made Chakra Painting is attuned to you, and energised for cleansing, balancing, and healing, and to raise your consciousness and aid your spiritual development.  It is energised with:


  • Reiki and Reiki Symbols
  • The Gold Ray of Divine Love
  • Mother Earth and the Elementals (for grounding and nurturing)
  • Angels and Angelic Symbols
  • Archangels including Raphael for Healing, Chamuel for Love and Support, and Michael for Protection
  • Ascended Masters
  • Your Guides, Healing Guide and Guardian Angel
  • and more

Having this Energised Art in your environment will help to cleanse, heal, energise and uplift you, balancing your chakras, raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness,  connect with your intuition and inner guidance, helping you to be more heart-centred and less in the ego and monkey mind, bringing peace, unity, upliftment, self-love, self-worth, abundance, joy, inner strength, self-confidence, contentment, and a simpler, happier, easier life, filled with unconditional love.


This painting is re-energised with all the above and more on the first of each month for one year. You can opt for another year after that.


Look at the painting daily and absorb the energies. Meditate on each heart and chakra to balance and energise, particularly if you are feeling low. Observe the colours and symbols as a form of mindfulness and meditation to calm your body and mind. Imagine the energies flowing into you and helping you on all levels. Watch for guidance through your dreams and synchronicities in your life.


Symbols within the Chakras:

  • Crown – Awakening
  • Third Eye – Authenticity
  • Throat – Sacred Unity
  • Heart – Self Love
  • Solar Plexus – Listen Within (trust your intuition/gut feeling)
  • Sacral – Joy
  • Base – Vitality and Grounding
Some of the Extra Symbols bring:
  • Universal love
  • Abundance
  • Gratitude
  • Thrive in the Present Moment
  • Effortless Connection
  • Beacon of Hope
  • World Peace

This painting is on a high quality, Daler Rowney, 100% cotton canvas, length 100cm, width 30cm, depth 1.7cm (3.28 foot x 11.28 inches x 0.66 inches). Each chakra heart contains an angelic symbol, and is edged in gold leaf effect.

This custom made Energised Chakra Art Painting, and Monthly Re-energising x 12, includes free postage within the UK.  (Please contact us for postage costs outside the UK.)

(Please allow 3 weeks for your Energised Art to be created, infused with the energies, and posted.)

What, if anything, would you like this Energised Art to help you with?

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