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Archangel Ariel and Zadkiel Energised Crystal Bracelet - Abundance and Prosperity

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Archangel Ariel - the Angel overseeing Prosperity, and Archangel Zadkiel - the Angel of Transmuting what is not Working


This custom-made energised crystal bracelet is attuned to you and your Soul, combiining the powerful energies of your Guardian Angel and Archangels Ariel and Zadkiel.


These Archangels helps with:


  • Transmuting situations that are not working well
  • Guidance to help you find the way towards increased wealth in all areas of your life
  • Find a job, start a business, attract wealth
  • Release blocks to abundance
  • Help you remember you deserve financial abundance in your life
  • Help you open to receive the prosperity and abundance from both expected and unexpected sources
  • Become clear about what it is you want to manifest, for your highest and happiest good
  • Become clear about your dreams and visions
  • Be in receiving mode
  • Create circumstances that draw in abundance
  • Manifest from your soul rather than your ego

Wear your Archangel bracelet, or hold in your hands, or place it next to you as you sleep. Call in and invoke the blessings of your mighty Archangel, Guardian Angel and Soul.


Your bracelet comes in a beautiful presentation box, with an information slip and a powerful invocation you can use with it.  Postage is included within the UK, and only £1.95 outside of the UK.


Answer the following questions in the box to help with the energising and attunement of your Crystal Bracelet: 

What is going on for you? What help do you need with this bracelet? How would you like your life to be?

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