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Are You an Empath / intuitve sensitive?

As soon as you heard or read the term 'Empath' or "Intuitive Sensitive" you knew that it described you and it probably came with a huge sigh of relief when you discovered that there was a title for your 'condition' ...

The kind of questions that may have gone through your mind:

  • Why do I feel this way while others seem to be able to brush off the things that cut me like a knife?
  • Why am I unable to switch off all this chaos?
  • Why do I feel so alone in a room full of people?
  • Why am I feeling ill/exhausted/miserable when minutes ago I felt happy and relaxed?
  • Why do people who love and care about me give off vibes that feel like they don't?
  • Why do I 'know' when someone is lying or deceiving me?

Empaths and Intuitive Sensitives are also known as Highly Sensitive People (HSP's).

30 Empath Traits at a Glance

1.  Knowing.

2.  Being in public places can be overwhelming.

3.  Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own.  

4.  Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy on TV is uncomfortable, distressing or unbearable.

5.  You know when someone is not being honest. 
6.  Picking up physical symptoms off another. 

7.  Digestive disorders and lower back problems. 

8.  Always looking out for the underdog.
9.  Others will want to offload their problems on you, even strangers.
10. Constant fatigue.
11. Addictive personality.
12. Drawn to healing, holistic therapies and all things metaphysical.
13. Creativity.

14. Love of nature and animals.
15. Need for solitude.
16. Gets bored or distracted easily if not stimulated.
17. Finds it impossible to do things they don’t enjoy.
18. Strives for the truth.
19. Always looking for the answers and knowledge.
20. Likes adventure, freedom and travel.
21. Abhors clutter.
22. Loves to daydream.
23. Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning.
24. Prone to carry weight without necessarily overeating and also weight loss.
25. Excellent listener.

26. Intolerance to narcissism.
27. The ability to feel the days of the week.
28. Will not choose to buy antiques, vintage or second-hand.
29. Sense the energy of food.
30. Can appear moody, shy, aloof, disconnected.

If you can say yes to most or all of the above then you are most definitely an empath.

Coping Tips For Empaths to Help you Embrace Your Gift - Lisa Morris 


Empaths are having a particularly difficult time at present, picking up on all the negative emotions that are being emanated into the world from the populace. 

This feels amplified to you because you are so sensitive.  

As an Empath and Intuitive Sensitive myself, I know first hand what it feels like, and need to manage my energies, stress levels and boundaries on a daily basis, depending on who I am interacting with.

I would recommend having regular therapies, and especially a combination of:

  • Meridian Balance
  • Release of Trapped Emotions
  • Energy Aura and Chakra Cleanse
  • Release of negative cords, ties and attachments
  • Coaching on self-care, self-nurture and setting boundaries
  • Grounding, centering, mindfulness, re-energising
  • Reki / Angelic Reiki Healing

This can really make a difference to feeling safe, grounded, motivated, energised, stronger boundaries, dealing with people and busy environments, and more able to cope in this chaotic world.  Try a session to see how much better you feel, then book monthly or more session help you cope on a daily basis, to promote self-care and self-nurture, rebalance, grounding and energising. 

Contact us if you would like more information or to chat.

£65 for 1 session

£180 for 3 sessions (£60 per session)

£330 for 6 sessions (£55 per session)