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Earth Star Chakra Re-Connection

The Earth Star Chakra is a very imporant chakra to have clear and balanced.

Other than the seven well-known major chakras, it is believed that many others exist, particularly the Soul Star Chakra, the Earth Star Chakra, and the Stellar Gateway Chakra.  

The Earth Star Chakra is located approximately 6-12 inches below the bottoms of the feet and is connected to the foot chakras. It is usually brown or black in color, but can be aqua (due to the large amounts of water on the earth).  Also known as the “super root,” it aligns and connects the body and soul to the powerful energies within the magnetic core of planet earth.

This chakra relates to the very foundation of your being, within everyday life, to energy levels, keeping you grounded and protected, and is said to be the keeper of karmic cycles and past lives.

It is important for everyone, but especially spiritual-minded people and Highly Sensitive People / Intuitive Sensitives / Empaths, that this chakra is healthy.  Using computers, driving around, Electro-Magnetic Stress, hectic and busy lives, and spiritual and psychic work, can make you very ungrounded, overwhelmed and anxious.

The active Earth Star Chakra is a blessing for all energy workers as it releases negative energies that may have been picked up from others.  The Earth Star Chakra secures your soul by connecting your etheric body to the physical world.  It connects you with Divine Mother Earth and aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth.  It helps discharge negative and impure energies to earth as well as drawing in divine and pure energy from the earth, that makes you grounded, and nurtures and nourishes you, helping you feel connected, safe, loved, empowered, successful. 

unbalanced earth star chakra

  • Instability in life
  • Lack of balance in various aspects of life 
  • Eating disorders
  • Problems related to leg, knees, hips and ankles
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Issues/abuse around birth or childhood
  • Distant or absent caregiver (includes post natal depression)
  • Hallucinations
  • Ungrounded
  • Constant unknown fear, phobia or anxiety
  • Lack of spirituality
  • Feeling suicidal, alone, unsupported

balanced earth star chakra

  • Connects to inner peace and peace of mind
  • Seeing the wider perspective of all situations
  • Feeling safe in the world, secure, grounded and protected  
  • Feeling nurtured, nourished, reassured
  • Access to the wisdom and energy of Mother earth
  • Release of excess negative energy
  • Release of blocks holding you back and moving forward
  • Healthy physical and etheric health
  • Release of unhealthy karmic cycles and past lives
  • Divine connection with Mother Gaia

earth star chakra testing, connection, healing, balancing, re-energising and reintegration session

Using Proxy Muscle Testing, we determine how much of a connection you have to your Earth Star Chakra. 

We then release blockages to enable a reconnection, through the Emotion Code System and Theta DNA Healing.  Any root cause issues are also released, including past life and ancestral, creating balance, harmony and wholeness.  

The connection is re-tested to make sure it is as near to 100% as possible.  It is then energised and re-integrated throughout your chakra system and aura.

This is carried out distantly, with background information being given by email or phone, and when the session is complete, a detailed Report emailed to you.  

earth star chakra session - £65