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Exquisite Facial Massage for Rejuvenation and Relaxation

This incredibly relaxing and nurturing facial massage is a unique, non-invasive approach to releasing stress and tension, looking younger and feeling fantastic!  It is a gentle and soothing process, using specific massage techniques, acupressure and healing pulse points, that works gently and rhythmically on the crucial tissues and muscles in your face, to bring it freshness and vivacity, vibrance and health.  We also incorporate scalp massage, Emotional Stress Release meridian points and Reiki Healing.  Some of the benefits are:

  • total relaxation of body and mind

  • wrinkles and expression lines are reduced

  • skin becomes softer and more supple

  • complexion and skin tone improve

  • bagginess, sagginess and puffiness are reduced

  • headaches, pain and tension are relieved

  • calms entire nervous system, relieving stress symptoms and promoting relaxation and well-being.

If you would like to have a fresh, glowing complexion while feeling deeply relaxed and contented, then book your treatment now.  We usually recommend starting with 6 sessions at weekly or fortnightly intervals, with follow-up sessions every 4 weeks or so, as most clients love the general feeling of well-being, nurturing and relaxation this brings.  As it is so utterly relaxing it is great as part of a stress-reduction program.

You can of course have a one-off session to experience it for yourself and still feel all the benefits.

1 hour - £45