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'Happy Life' Program - Re-Boot Your Life

Image result for happy lifeRelease trauma and core emotional wounds from conception to young adult, raise self-esteem, self-worth and self-image, allowing a positive flow of energy for health, love, connection, abundance, freedom and happiness.

This new, exciting, revolutionary and life-changing program has been created to bring a number of modalities together to FINALLY clear your blocks, painful and negative (and usually suppressed) experiences, that seem to keep you locked into:

  • failed relationships - can't meet the right one / narcissists / cheating / lying / boring / stale / disrespectful / abusive / isolating / unwanted / rejected / blamed / guilt / doormat
  • lack - money to have what you really want or live how you want to live
  • poor health - pain / restrictive illnesses
  • low self-esteem - feeling like a failure / depressed / tense, anxious, stressed / fearful
  • poor energy levels - insomnia / poor concentration / low or no motivation / exhaustion
  • lack of success - whether that be at work, friendships, hobbies, goals, home, finances, etc

Through personal distant sessions we will be releasing and re-programming you, from conception through birth and childhood.  This covers the deeply held, not easy to release, core issues from Baby in the Womb, possible Birth Trauma, possible destructive effects of Post Natal Depression, Rejection and Isolation, Mother Healing, Father Healing, Negative Family Themes going back through the generations, Ancestral issues, Past Life issues, Meridian Balancing, Positive Downloads, and more.

(There is never any blame attached to anyone or anything - we are just dealing with the facts, so that the trauma can be released.) 

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Throughout we will be nurturing, nourishing and enhancing your inner child, through various tools and strategies - to bring a feeling of being:

  • safe, stable and secure
  • loved, wanted, cherished, important, valued, respected
  • high self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence 
  • direction, motivation, energy
  • compassion for self and others
  • knowing what you love in life, interests, hobbies, and feeling satisfied and content
  • success in all areas of your life
  • happiness, contentment, self-development and passion.
This continual nurturing of your inner child will create even better changes, allowing you to naturally feel joyful, optimistic and lighthearted, which leads to greater stability, abundance and prosperity, success, better relationships, better health, higher level soul mate relationships coming in if you are single, pleasure in life.
This Program consists of a number of sessions over the course of 3-6 weeks, comprising of Theta Healing, Emotion Codes, Kinesiology Meridian Balancing, Body Codes, Heart-Wall Healing, Emotional Resonance, Baby in the Womb Healing, Birth Trauma, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Release, Ancestral Release, Vibrational Remedies, Crystal Therapy, and more, along with self-development for you to do at home to reinforce the sessions - £625.