Feeling Good Therapies

For Health, Happiness, Inner Peace, Transformation and Personal Development

Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a simple but powerful natural system of hands-on healing. It is used to help:

  • reduce stress and tension physically, mentally and emotionally, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains health
  • accelerate the body's ability to heal physical ailments
  • balance the emotions and clear the mind
  • increase vitality and reduces stress
  • release symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, back pain, arthritis, and often produces long-term beneficial changes
  • sleeplessness, emotional discord and turmoil, low spirits, stress, tension, anxiety and related symptoms
  • energise and relax, bringing your energies into balance and allowing your body and mind to heal themselves
  • revitalise body and soul
  • evoke a deep sense of peace, relaxation and well-being.

One-to-one sessions in Uxbridge (by appointment only), or distantly, anywhere in the world, via email or phone.  

If requested, we will incorporate acupressure facial points to detox and release stress, and/or crystals for healing and Chakra balancing.


30 minute session - £35

60 minute session - £50

90 minute session - £70 (can be combined with other therapies)

Reiki package - 3 x 1 hour sessions paid in advance - £135 (instead of £150)

6 x 1 hour sessions paid in advance - £240 (instead of £300)



Distance Session or in person session


Also available, at the same price, in person or distantly:
  • Angel Reiki
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Past Life Healing for Relationship Conflicts
  • Gold Ray Divine Love Healing
  • Inner Child Healing 


Distant Healing

Because Reiki Energy is not limited by time and distance, Distant Reiki Healings can also be given without the client being present. It is easily done and works very well.  We either use a proxy, visualization or a projection of Reiki energy (beaming) or a combination of these methods.

Distant Healing has the same benefits as ordinary healing, except it is more versatile as it can be carried out anywhere in the world, and at any time.  It is for anyone who would like a treatment but is too busy or not able to be here in person, who is in pain, ill, tense and stressed, unconscious or in a coma, has emotional problems or suffering in any way, or who would just like to relax and enjoy life more.

All you need to do is pay via the Paypal button below, email a recent photo and your date of birth, along with details of the issue needing help, whether its emotional or physical.  You will receive an appointment, and once the session is complete, an emailed Report of what has been carried out, along with any guidance that has come up for you.