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Soul Star Chakra

Other than the seven well-known major chakra, it is believed that many others exist, particularly the Soul Star, Earth Star and Stellar Gateway Chakras.

The Soul Star Chakra is located approximately 6 inches higher than the crown chakra. 

It is usually white and gold in colour.  It is often referred to as the Seat of the Soul, because it can connect the soul to enlightenment by sending it divine light and love and spiritual awareness.  It is the catalyst to heightening one's relationship with the Universe.

Activating this chakra will act as a potent chakra balancing tool. Because your Soul Star Chakra is connected to your higher self it is also connected to the light of the universe. This powerful energy can keep your crown chakra open and healthy along with all of your other chakras.

Once this chakra is awakened from its dormant state, the soul ascends beyond the human ego, which allows people to experience a more enlightened, spiritual, joyful and healthy physical existence.

Signs of an Unbalanced Soul Star Chakra

  • Confusion
  • Aloofness
  • Feeling space out
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Paranoia
  • Mental fatigue
  • Depression 
  • Illusion of the ego
  • 3D centred
  • Inactivity / soth
  • Knowing you have  a purpose but don't know what it is
  • Not focussing on self-growth, instead focussing on other people's stuff. 

Signs of a Balanced Soul Star Chakra

  • Feeling connected to a higher self
  • Seeing the bigger picture in life
  • Having peace of mind
  • Feeling overall contentment  
  • Psychic abilities supported
  • Understanding of fears and challenges caused by past lives and release them
  • More understanding of personal karma and how to release it
  • Infinite energy,
  • Spirituality
  • Ssupreme Divine wisdom
  • Spiritual compassion. 

Soul Star Chakra Testing, Connection, Balancing, Re-energising and Reintegration Session

Using Muscle Testing, we determine how much of a connection you have to your Soul Star Chakra. We then release blockages to enable a reconnection, through the Emotion Code System and Theta DNA Healing.  Any root cause issues are also released, including past life and ancestral issues, creating balance, harmony and wholeness.  The connection is re-tested to make sure it is as near to 100% as possible.  It is then energised and re-integrated throughout your chakra system and aura.

This is carried out distantly, with background information being given by email or phone, and when the session is complete, a detailed Report emailed to you.

soul star chakra session - £65