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Spiritual Enhancement

We use a variety of techniques to release blocks to spirituality and development, increase your connection to God / Creator / Source, through:
  • Aura cleanse 
  • Chakra balance - release blocks, heal and energise
  • Meridian balance - release blocks, heal and energise 
  • Release limiting beliefs, blocks and programming
  • Activate your Heart Centre for Universal Love, Compassion, Joy 
  • Reconnect you to Source energy 
  • Strengthen through downloads from Source
  • Strengthen your connection to your Guides, Helpers and Guardian Angel
  • Enhance your ability to receive guidance and healing
  • Downloads of enhancing spiritual practices
  • Increase intuition
Many are going through a major awakening process, where the human body has taken as much as it is needs to take, and there are things within the system that need clearing so that you can go on and move forwards with life and drop anxiety and fear and other issues.  We go into the human body and see where these are stored and, through whatever method is appropriate, extract them. 
 Spiritual Enhancement Session - £150