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I’ve been going to see Tansie every month for the past 3 years for a combination of Kinesiology, vitamin testing and Reiki treatments.  As a project manager, I have a very busy job with lots of pressure to cope with and deadlines to meet.  The Kinesiology helps to keep my energy levels up and my stress levels down which means I can stay on top of things, and the regular vitamin testing helps to keep me healthy as I know I am taking the right vitamins for me.  The Reiki basically makes me completely relaxed – a real luxury for me!

I would highly recommend going to see Tansie for any of these services – she’s made a real difference to my life.

ES, Bucks - Kinesiology and Reiki

I have been seeing Tansie for approximately a year. I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after an illness that nearly killed me. I went to work and ran my home as if nothing was wrong but i had massive panic attacks and couldn't sleep. Tansie has made a massive difference to my life and I am now at peace with myself, my panic attacks are few and far between but I know how to work through them - all these things taught by Tansie. She is a wonderful kind gentle person who has given me my life back. I would highly recommend her.

JP, Bucks - Emotions Codes and Heart-Wall Clearing

Wedding Stress: Theta DNA Healing is a fantastic technique which helps you deal with negative issues.  I have had this on a number of occasions for a range of different issues and have found it very effective.  One particularly good example is the way it helped me deal with the stress leading up to my wedding day.  I was getting really stressed out with all the arrangements and Tansie used this technique to make me feel calm, relaxed and in control.  I wasn’t even stressed on the day itself, I was just able to relax and enjoy my special day.  I would highly recommend this technique to anyone looking to deal with negative issues.


This is the ultimate relaxation experience. A heavenly face and scalp massage soothes away the stresses and strains of the day and the reiki that follows leaves you in a state of deep relaxation. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a bit of pampering and relaxation

EB, Herts - Theta DNA Healing and Ultimate Relaxation Treatment

Tansie is an exceptional lightworker dedicated to her clients' wellbeing and healing. She exudes warmth and caring and has great healing ability. All her Theta healing work has been carried out long distance via the telephone and is extremely effective. I would highly recommended Tansie to anyone.

AB, London - Theta Healing

Depression and Relationships:  I truly believe Tansie is gifted in her field and has helped me in all areas of my life.  I have since overcome my depression and my relationships with others have greatly improved - so I wish to Thank You Tansie for all your great help!  I'm just sorry it took me so long to get round to do this!

TD, London - Theta Healing and Emotion Codes

The work I had done was Theta DNA Healing. I was intrigued by the different aspects of this type of healing and I found Tansie to be remarkably accurate in her reports. So much so that I decided to have a number of sessions. A very good and convenient method of healing technique.  I also enjoyed some of the distant healing that Tansie offers which is very good value for money.

IW, London - Theta DNA Healing and Distant Reiki Healing

I just want to thank you as I feel better, more calm confident, more at peace, I feel that something huge has been uplifted from my soul.  On Sunday I also met the man who rejected me many times, but this Sunday, after healing he looked at me with admiration, I was so relaxed and happy..I  looked absolutely radiant and confident, no fear from him as I always used to shake when I see him... whatever happen between him and me it is in God hand I learn how to let go...   Thank you soo much God bless u always.


"I want to thank you, i am feeling better and a lot of great things are happening in my life, since the sessions i had with you changes are occured, i always wanted to create jewelleries, i become more creative and more productive, even my friends admire what i am doing, i am myself shocked of the outcome.  Also, my son is getting littles jobs from my neighbourgs, he is getting paid and it is amazing as money has been a problem in our life.  I am becoming a better person, my friends notice the changes in me, more calm, more together.  Thank you soooo much, god bless u alwaysxxxx

ZA, London - Theta DNA Healing and Wealth & Abundance

It's been a month roughly since you've done the wealth activation work on me and I wanted to share with you how I've found it and the benefits, etc.

I feel things are going well. I've noticed that I don't react so strongly if things aren't going my way and I can become more balanced quickly. The wealth CD that you gave me and also the Abraham CD are very helpful.

A friend has decided to just give me some money to help me over my financial blip and she is adamant I don't need to pay her back and my mum has also come into some extra money and has said she will give me some.

I am looking at ways to do the work I love and have started to put feelers out.  I have also been asked to do some work for organisations. I gave one of them my hourly rate which they were unwilling to accept and I am perfectly ok with that whereas before I would have taken it extremely personally and been very upset. My feeling now is "well that's what I'm worth, I believe in my heart it's acceptable and so will the right person/organisation. I just have to be patient and not panic."  This is a complete contrast to how I would have been before. I would honestly have felt yet again it had turned out wrong and wondered why I couldn't manifest a more positive outcome.


What a difference in the way I feel, and most importantly, how people are reacting to and around me. It's much more positive.

I certainly know my energy feels so much better and I don't have the anxiety I usually have around my financial issues.  When I do get a bit low I can shift the mood to more upbeat much quicker.

JB, Northants - Wealth and Abundance and 12-strand DNA Activation

I have found the Ultimate Relaxation Treatment a wonderful combination of facial massage and Reiki healing, which has helped me experience a very deep level of relaxation.  The healing and balancing experienced has helped me cope and recover from a really traumatic, emotional time in my life.  Alternate weekly sessions have been incredibly supportive, whilst working on a lot of emotional issues with Theta DNA healing.  I can't recommend Tansie highly enough, for her understanding, expertise and intuition.

PS, Ruislip - Ulitmate Relaxation Treatment and Theta DNA Healing

Expert and quality service, would recommend to everybody. Specifically recommend the Ultimate Relaxation treatment." VL, Mddx

VL, Middlesex - Ultimate Relaxation Treatment

A powerful, unique combination of facial massage, healing and stress release.   At first I am overcome by a feeling of total relaxation and then sheer bliss.  I enter a deep relaxed state, to the point where I can't feel my body, similar to a progressive relaxation.  I can feel the healing go through my body before I enter a deep instant sleep.  The best stress release I have ever had.  At the end of the session, I feel so alert, as if I had just woken from a good night sleep.  1 hour session of The Ulimate Relaxation Treatment, equals a good night sleep.

RlL, Northwood Hills - Ultimate Relaxation Treatment

What a lovely experience, very supportive and healing.

KP, Scotland

You are so gentle..and I have so much abundant support from you..that I am so pleased to have a healer as kind as you.

SK, India

Just to say thank you for the wonderful day. The kinesiology course was very enlightening and empowering and we all had some extraordinary experiences. The course handouts are superb, you obviously spent a lot of time preparing them. You have a lovely style of teaching, emanating loving energies right through the day.  Your knowledge of the subject is very profound and you were able to explain everything very clearly.  It was a fantastic course taught by a fantastic teacher !  With many thanks and gratitude.

SW, Iver - Kinesiology Workshoop

"One of the best courses I have been on."

"All hands-on with an excellent build up of skills.  Very relaxed and supportive and friendly atmosphere."

"The active participation was the most helpful part of the workshop.  The handouts and verbal instructions were excellent."

"I wanted to learn a relaxation technique, and found working on each other with expert supervision made it easy and fun to learn."

"I came on this workshop to learn how to relieve stress and tension.  I found the notes very helpful and also the way it was split into different sections has made each stage much easier to remember."

"My objective in attending this workshop was to relieve stress and improve general health.  Also so that I would be able to relax other people.  Actually going through and practicing hands on made it easier to remember and ensure you are doing it right.  Also the fact that it was a small group and we could keep going over thing if we were unsure."

"I wanted to learn head massage technique so that I can use it to relieve symptoms of stress.  I found the whole course very useful, and the notes especially good to take away as a reminder."

"The reason I did this course was to release pressure and learn to relax from the busy work and day life.  I think all the session was wonderful and helpful and enjoyable.  Its just wonderful!"

"The structure of the course was very well put together.  The course instructor was very clear and helpful."

"Excellent course, very calming."

"The handouts and verbal instructions were excellent."

Various participants on Indian Head Massage Workshop