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Theta DNA Healing

Theta DNA Healing is a simple, effective technique combining science and spirituality, with the aim to help:

  • Remove negative programming, beliefs and behaviours holding you back, at four major levels: 
    • core - birth to now
    • history - collective consciousness, past lives
    • soul - everything that has ever affected our soul
    • genetic - ancestors (parents, family, grandparents, etc) which affects the DNA
  • Fountain of Youth Genetic Programming - slow the ageing process, look and feel younger, more vibrant and alive
  • Help with weight loss, relationshiips, anxiety, abuse, sleep, stress, money/wealth/abundance issues
  • Remove Vows and Oaths of poverty, chastity, solitude, suffering, etc
  • Identify negative beliefs behind physical problems, illnesses, injuries and remove them 
  • Release addictions/cravings, allergies, fears and phobias 
  • Increase spiritual growthenlightenment and raise your consciousness - feel more at peace, joyful and contented
  • Identify and release past lives still affecting you negatively
  • Soul fragment retrieval - lost through trauma, creating feelings of being spaced out, scattered, not all here.
1.  First you decide what you want to change about your life, email us with the details, and pay via Paypal below
2.  We may ask for some details and history to get a clearer picture, and will schedule in an appointment
3.  We carry out the session, then afterwards email a Report of what has been carried out, any advice and aftercare. 
Releasing the old and installing downloads of a new more preferred way of being takes you towards the life that you want and truly deserve.
Theta DNA Healing - 1 session £65, 3 session £186, 6 session £350