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Theta DNA Healing

The Theta DNA Healing technique is based on the theory that the beliefs in a person's conscious and unconscious mind directly impact their emotional well-being, which may impact their physical health.   

Theta DNA Healing is a simple, effective technique combining science and spirituality.  It helps to remove the negative programming, beliefs and behaviours holding you back, at four major levels: 

  • core - birth to now
  • history - collective consciousness, past lives
  • soul - everything that has ever affected our soul
  • genetic - ancestors (parents, family, grandparents, etc) which affects the DNA

Theta DNA Healing sessions

  • Fountain of Youth Genetic Programming - slow the ageing process, look and feel younger, more vibrant and alive
  • Help with weight loss, relationshiips, anxiety, abuse, sleep, stress, money/wealth/abundance issues
  • Remove Vows and Oaths of poverty, chastity, solitude, suffering, etc
  • Identify negative beliefs behind physical problems, illnesses, injuries and remove them 
  • Release addictions/cravings, allergies, fears and phobias 
  • Increase spiritual growth, enlightenment and raise your consciousness - feel more at peace, joyful and contented
  • Identify and release past lives still affecting you negatively
  • Soul fragment retrieval - lost through trauma, creating feelings of being spaced out, scattered, not all here.

First you decide what you want to change about your life - self-worth, relationships, career, finances, health, etc, etc.

Contact Us with the details and any questions, or phone and have a chat about it.

Pay via the Paypal buttons below.

We may ask for some more details and history to get a clearer picture, and will schedule in an appointment.

We carry out the session, then afterwards email a Report of what has been carried out, any advice and aftercare. 

Releasing the old and installing downloads of a new more preferred way of being takes you towards the life that you want and truly deserve.

£80 per session

£225 for 3 sessions

£420 for 6 sessions