Feeling Good Therapies

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Total wellbeing therapy session

This unique 10-Therapy Holistic Session for your Mind, Body and Soul combines the following:

  • Meridians - Check and balance each Meridian (strengthening each organ and system of the body, promoting health and increasing immune function and energy levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually).

  • Trapped Emotions - Identify and release trapped emotions around a specific health/emotional issue, or anything affecting you in your daily life.

  • The Body Code System - Identify and release underlying blocks to a health issue such as illness, disease, injury, pain, fatigue, depression, etc.

  • Programs - Identify and and release limiting Programs (a belief that is running and ruining your life, holding you back), and replace with enhancing Programs.

  • Heart-Wall / Hidden Heart-Wall / Addictive Heart Energy / Monkey Mind Patterns - Check which are affecting you negitively and holding you back in life, start clearing as much as possible, give advice on what else would be beneficial to you.

  • Vibrational Remedies - Test which are a priority for you at the moment, and use energetically to help you.  (The range includes Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy, Tree Essences, Pacific Sea Essences, Inner Child Essences, Pheonix Spiritual Essences, Sound Essences, Crystal Energy.)

  • Aura and Chakras - Identify how balanced each chakra is, cleanse and purify, release core beliefs in each if appropriate, re-balance and re-energise, cleanse and rebalance aura, releasing negative ties, cords and attachments if necessary.

  • Theta DNA Healing - For a specific issue you would like to deal with, or generally on what is picked up when tuning in to you.

  • Soul Healing - Tuning in to your Soul to see if there are any imbalances/disturbances from this or past lives affecting/blocking you now, and carry out a Soul Healing to release these.  This can include Soul Retrieval.

  • 1 hour of Reiki / Angelic Reiki Healing to relax, refresh, rejuvenate.

Total wellbeing session

This session takes 6+ hours split over 2 days, and is carried out remotely - this means you email your issues, then I tune in to you and use remote muscle testing and Theta Healing to find the imbalances and then correct them, followed by an emailed Report of everything that has been carried out, along with any guidance and further action.  You can relax while the session is being carried out, or go about your daily business.  You may feel a little sleepy afterwards, and usually rejuvenated the next day.

The total value for all these sessions individually is in excess of £345.

Total Wellbeing 10-in-1 session - £185