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Unicorn Blessings Workshop - Expect Miracles!

 Connecting deeply with these magical 7th dimensional creatures

This workshop is timed for the full or new moon energy as multitudes of Unicorns are able to come through the stargate to the Earth at this time to illuminate and transform our lives.

Everyone attending this workshop will receive a crystal blessed by the unicorns who emanate pure white energy of the highest frequency in the universe.

Unicorns are pure, enlightened angelic beings from the 7th dimension, who can heal you and shower you with true blessings. They love to offer love and can pour the qualities you need for soul fulfilment.

For the first time, and especially during this phases of the Super Moons, 9th dimension unicorns are now able to come to Earth. 

We will visit the 5th and 7th dimensions and then be invited to the 9th dimensional level pool of beautiful Christ light which has only recently become available to humanity.

During this workshop you will meet the beautiful unicorns who are helping mankind during this time of ascension.   You will meet and get to know your own personal unicorn who will stay with you always as you journey through life, lifting the veils of illusion.

You will also be attuned to the powerful and empowernig Unicorn Frequency.

If you know your unicorn already, you will be connected to him/her at a higher frequency than ever before.

We will use beautiful Unicorn Oracle Cards as well as look at orbs to help us connect to the unicorn energy.

During the golden era of Atlantis everyone knew their personal unicorn, who helped to hold their frequency high and kept their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects in total balance.

During an amazing visualisation journey, your beautiful personal unicorn will offer you mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

This will be followed by a special crystal soul healing within a cocoon of unicorn energy, held in the White Flame of Archangel Gabriel and Serapis Bey.

Your causal chakra will be opened and awakened so that you can connect with the entire realm of angels.

The unicorns also help you remove the Veils of Illusion that cover your third eye and they will pull back or dissolve some or all of these veils to allow you to move into a higher level of enlightenment so you can view your world and the planet from a higher illumined perspective.

You will also receive a unicorn blessing enabling unimaginable transformations can take place.  Expect magic and to be filled with light. 

It will be incredibly beautiful for us to join our hearts together in this way with the unicorns during this workshop when we will also send out healing and unicorn blessings to the whole world.

Date: Sunday 9th February 2020, 1.30pm-6.00pm.  

Venue: Uxbridge, UB8 (10 min walk from Uxbridge tube station) OR online via a meeting room webinar facility which is free to use.

Cost: £65 in person in Uxbridge,  or £60 using online webinar facillity